Hello Readers!

My name is Melissa, owner of the Seek Home Comfort blog, and a member of Home Comfort USA. I am a market analyst for a marketing research firm and I focus on the home-related product market. I absolutely love my job, analyzing various home-related products and services. On a daily basis, I enjoy conducting extensive product surveys and product tests on a wide variety of home products that are available on the market.

Jane Austen once said: “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort,” and she is very right. Home is where you need to be the most comfortable and it is difficult to be comfortable with all the wrong furniture and home products. How often do you go into a store and see an amazing display of beautiful furniture that you would love to have in your own home, only to find that the sofa is too uncomfortable and the décor clashes with your living room? You are not going to feel particularly comfortable when your home environment is clashing with your idea of comfort, your personality, and your style. That is why I am here to help!

My specialty is creating a comfortable and beautiful home by combining all the right products, such as beds and sofas, dining tables and chairs, home office furniture, home heating and cooling systems, home cleaning products and services, home organizing, home cooking, home saunas and other comfortable home furniture.

My aim is to share information that is useful to all my readers, giving you an inside look into a variety of home products that are on the market. That is why my blog is designed to help you out, providing you with ideas and advice on how to create a beautiful and comfortable home environment. My articles will give you advice on purchasing new furniture and other home-related products as well as how to maintain and care for the products you own.

Trends come and go, but comfort remains a priority when furnishing your home environment. The trends predicted for 2017see an introduction of terracotta tiles and cork accents to add warmth to your home, along with emerald and bright greens to replace the recently popular navy and other shades of blue. Also becoming fashionable is to have a secluded area in your home where to escape to, away from the ever-increasing digital distraction- whether it is an entire room or simply a cove within a room, find a space where you can escape.

Please get in touch. I would love to hear from you! Share your experiences with me and feel free to ask any questions you may have about transforming your home into a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary.

Happy reading and decorating!

Love Melissa