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Steam Shower Reviews- How To Choose The Best

If you’re tired of using the same, plain shower every day and you’re thinking about installing a brand-new shower steam, then this is the steam shower reviews you are looking for!

The in-depth shower steam reviews in the next paragraphs will definitely give you verified and specific information that is highly needed for you in order to make a proper choice and grant yourself with the absolute best steam shower on the market.

Shopping for any type of product, especially ones that are for home purposes, requires tons of hours. Usually, they are being spent on deciding which type of product among thousands and thousands of variations can undoubtedly meet your needs and expectations.

To help you save time (after all, time is money), we decided to offer you every valuable information that needs to be taken into consideration before choosing a shower steam that suits you best.

Hopefully, the next steam shower reviews will provide you with everything you need to know about some of the most luxurious ones and they will also help you to make that hard decision once and for all.

Are you up for it? Let’s start.



What is The Best Steam Shower?

Firstly, let us list our top recommendations and then we will continue by sharing specifics of each product mentioned below:

  • ARIEL 300A Steam Shower
  • Steam Shower Enclosure Spa Sauna Whirlpool Touch Screen Computer Display 9007WS, Modern Home Design Bath, LED backlighting
  • Ariel Bath DZ959F8 L Platinum Black Steam Shower
  • Bath Master 8004-AS Home Luxury Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room With LCD Display, Body Massage Jets Acupuncture Massage
  • Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit

Product Name



Our Rating

ARIEL 300A Steam Shower



Steam Shower Enclosure Spa Sauna Whirlpool Touch Screen Computer Display 9007WS, Modern Home Design Bath, LED backlighting



Ariel Bath DZ959F8 L Platinum Black Steam Shower



Cell 4Bath Master 8004-AS Home Luxury Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room With LCD Display, ,Body Massage Jets Acupuncture Massage



Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit Size: 86.2″ H x 36″ W x 36″ D, Glass Color: Blue



Top 5 Steam Shower Reviews

Product 1: ARIEL 300A Steam Shower

It weighs 493.8 pounds and its dimensions are 48x36x85inches. Voltage is 110v and there are no batteries required. Also, this product contains a digital control panel, blue glass, heating limiter, as well as rainfall ceiling shower. Sounds perfect, right? Read more ariel steam shower reviews below.

This is definitely a shower steam that is not only useful and pleasing, but it’s also beautiful to look at hence the blue glass. Of course, that’s something that is very rarely seen among any type of showers.

When it comes to its door, keep in mind that it opens from right to left and not the other way around. That is something that you should consider before planning where to put it in your bathroom.

The package for this modern portable steam room comes with instructions that will be too hard to follow if you’re not an experienced contractor or a plumber. And yes, even if you hire someone to install it for you, it will take a couple of hours before you can finally use it.

Despite the fact, it will definitely be worth waiting when you find yourself in front of (or in) your successfully installed shower steam. The built-in heat limiter is definitely another plus as it makes the ariel steam shower unit that bit better. Thanks to this feature, it places it firmly as one of the best thermostatic showers you’re going to take.

Another great news is that a larger model of this shower steam exists and it is obviously amazing for master bathrooms. Ariel steam shower installation instructions and ariel steam shower problems can be found in details in the ariel steam shower manual of the ariel shower manufacturer.

Things we like  

Things we don’t like

  • blue tinted glass
  • no batteries
  • rainfall ceiling
  • built-in control panel
  • built-in heating limiter
  • the way that its door opens
  • hard installing instructions
  • the shipment may take a little bit longer than usual
  • added cost for shipping inquiries

Product 2: Steam Shower Enclosure Spa Sauna Whirlpool Touch Screen Computer Display 9007WS, Modern Home Design Bath, LED backlighting

The Whirlpool steam shower’s dimensions are 67×35,5×20 inches while enclosure height is 87.5 inches.

The style of this steam shower is pretty much incredible since it’s highly contemporary. One can consider it as a great example of a portable steam room. It comes with 6 jet Whirlpool system, headrests, shower valve, hand shower and thermasol steam generator. How great is that?

Of course, having this type of shower in your bathroom requires some splurging beforehand, but if you really want to be able to treat yourself with exclusive steam shower possibilities every day, think no more. Just relax, sit back and enjoy all of the health benefits you will get to experience during and after showering.

Like the previous product, it will be very hard to install it, but if you manage to get a really great plumber, then everything will work out just fine and even better.

Things we like  

Things we don’t like

  • contemporary style
  • 6 jet whirlpool system
  • Headrests
  • Shower valve
  • Hand shower
  • Steam generator
  • Hard installing instructions
  • High price

Product 3: Ariel Bath DZ959F8 L Platinum Black Steam

This shower may be the steam shower of your dreams, but then again, the decision mostly depends on your personal needs.

Its dimensions are 47×3.4×89 inches and voltage is 220v. Although it weighs 545 pounds and it comes in only one size, it combines black and silver colors which will make will make your bathroom look very sophisticated.

This incredibly modern steam shower, apart from visual benefits, offers a dozen of other, user experience benefits. It has body massage, acupuncture massage, aromatherapy system, therapeutic lighting, cleaning function, control panel, drainable tray, overheat protection, wooden floorboard, and even a radio! It offers the possibility of providing you with one of the best steam showers.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, maybe it is considering the price. On the other hand, it’s kind of expected since it can provide you with every single thing you will ever need while showering.

Although this steam shower is usually well packed when shipping, be careful since it will be dispatched in a huge wooden crate. Also, the steam is known for generating quickly and the wooden floor can be lifted and it is easy to nourish and keep clean.

We would definitely advise you to not start installing it all by yourself since the installation process will take time and it will almost certainly require a lot of nerves. But, if you know how to properly follow all of the detailed instructions and sketches in the manual, then you and your mate with who you’re installing it with, or your plumber, will simply do just fine.

Things we like  

Things we don’t like

  • Color combination
  • Modern design
  • All of the benefits that will guarantee you the best possible user experience
  • Weight
  • Complicated installing process
  • Wall jets that are placed too high for a petite person
  • Transport packaging
  • Transport issues that may interlude during shipping
  • Very high price

Product 4: Bath Master 8004-AS Home Luxury Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room With LCD Display, Body Massage Jets Acupuncture Massage, Aromatherapy,

It weighs 315 pounds, originates from China, its size is 36x36x16,2 inches and enclosure height is 82,2 inches while voltage is 110 volts.

Considering the price of the previously mentioned, black and silver steam shower and many of its beneficial properties, the steam shower we are currently reviewing comes at a way more affordable price.

However, the affordable price did not stop its manufacturers to provide you with user experience to die for. They managed to install many, many, useful and super cool gadgets in the shower. It’s a portable steam room with many features on offer. Ready?

It contains 6 body massage jets, rainfall, shower head, sliding handle shower, radio, loudspeaker, microphone, LED ceiling lamps, ventilation fan, steam generator etc. Not a big deal… it just sort of happens to be utterly amazing if you’re asking us.

Things we like  

Things we don’t like

  • Thorough built in system
  • Blue fluorescent lighting
  • Many benefits
  • Fog free glass
  • Bath accessories which are made of copper and chrome
  • Plastic, waterproof belt that is installed around shower room to prevent water from leaking
  • It comes in a smaller version as well
  • Affordable price
  • Power frequency – 50 Hz-60 Hz
  • It comes in 4 boxes

Product 5: Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit Size: 86.2″ H x 36″ W x 36″ D, Glass Color: Blue comes

The fifth product in our steam shower reviews comes in white color which is combined with chrome material and tempered glass. It is square shaped, weighs only 80 pounds and this product’s dimensions are 42x42x87 inches and that is really great.

This portable steam room comes with a blue glass door that is sliding and not opening like others usually do. It includes shelves for storage and the country of manufacture is yet again – China.

It contains 3KW steam sauna and aromatherapy outlet which was certified for safety. And although it doesn’t come with many nor unique properties, in comparison to previously reviewed steam showers, it is definitely the one to pick if you’re not looking for something multifunctional yet quite useful.

Things we like  

Things we don’t like

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Blue glass door
  • Sliding door
  • Shelves for storage
  • Aromatherapy outlet
  • Certification for safety
  • Lack of functional variety
  • High price

Value Section – Best Steam Shower Reviews

Steam Showers – Is It Right for You?

Steam showers have been used in gyms and health clubs for quite some time now due to the numerous benefits it offers. We won’t delve into that right now, but let’s look at whether the steam shower will be a great option for your home.

The factor to consider is the cost. The best steam showers don’t come cheap, so you need to make sure you have the funds for it. In addition, a contractor is needed to install the shower, thus adding to the cost.

You also need to consider the moisture the shower produces and whether your house/the room is ready for that. Of course, the shower is enclosed to ensure no moisture escapes, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Finally, not everyone is meant to use a steam shower. People with high blood pressure as well as diabetes are advised to consult a doctor before using the shower. In addition, pregnant women and children shouldn’t use one at all.


Types of Steam Showers

There are mainly two types of steam showers, but before we expound on them there is something we need to point out. You can give your current shower a makeover and turn it into a steam shower.

You don’t have to necessarily go and buy the best steam shower, some changes here and there can make it work. What you need to note of steam showers is that they are fully enclosed, so that no steam escapes.

This is the main principle among many others. If you can apply this to your bathroom, that makes it enclosed, then it’s a step in the right direction. Of course, there is a lot more to consider such as the slope of the ceiling and the plumbing as well as electricity capabilities. All in all, it’s a good thing to know. Here are the two types of steam showers:

Built in Steam Showers

Let’s start off with this one. The name says it all. This steam shower is normally built from scratch and as such tends to be more expensive. This shower comes as close to a steam room as it gets.

One of the benefits you get from this type is the flexibility in design. You get to decide many aspects such as the location, how it looks and the placement of the steam generator.

There are many things to consider when designing this type of steam shower. The height requirements come into play that is the ceiling should be no greater than eight feet.

In addition, the flooring materials should have enough grip on them. This prevents the risk of injury and burns (in case you slip and fall on the shower head). The electricity requirements also come into play as well.

Of course, it’s recommended not to take this as a DIY project unless you’re experienced. The best course of action would be to hire a professional to help you with the installation.

Modular Standalone Steam Showers

These units come in full that is you get all the components needed. It comes as a set, the ceiling requirements are already met that is it’s fully self-contained. Some consider them to be portable steam rooms as you can move with them when you move to a different location.

Of course, there are still some plumbing and electricity requirements that’ll need to be met. What we’re trying to say is that it still needs to be hooked up to the shower and the electricity in the room.

This is favored by many as all that’s needed is the room and a professional to install the unit. This type of steam showers are normally made of acrylic material combined with fiberglass. It has glass doors and side panels as well as metal frames.

What to Consider Before Buying a Steam Shower

1. The space available in your house

Before going out and getting a steam shower, consider the space you have in your house. You need to ensure that you get the right size shower that’ll fit in your bathroom without overcrowding it.

Steam showers are appealing and functional. In order for it to look great and comfortable in your bathroom, it needs to fit the dimensions of the room.

2. Which type works best for you

There are types of steam showers, for example, mr steam vs steamist, each with its pros and cons. Make yourself aware of the types of steam shower generators and what they have to offer.

For instance, modular units allow for easy movement that is you can take them with you when you move. On the other hand, this is not the same with Built-in steam showers, but they do allow for better customization as they are made from scratch.

Steam shower reviews consumer reports and information like this will help you in making better decision when purchasing one.

3. Size of the Steam Generator

We’ll cover more on what a steam generator is and what it does a bit later, but what you need to consider for now is the size of this equipment.

When we talk about the size, it’s more to do with the voltage capacity of the steam generator. Many of these equipments are available in 120 and 240-volt capacities.

The size that you should get will correlate with the size of your steam shower. The larger units will definitely work better with a 240-volt capacity steam generator and the opposite is true. It’s important that you read steam generator reviews to familiarize yourself with which ones are the best.

4. The Voltage Feed of the Room

Which brings us to the next point, the voltage feed. You’re going to need an electrician for this one. Different houses, as well as, rooms are wired differently.

Your house or in particular the bathroom might not be wired to provide 240 volts. You need to consider this before buying your steam shower and generator. There might be a need for rewiring or going for lesser capacity.

5. The costs involved

You need to be aware of the costs associated with a steam shower before going for one. Let’s not scare you, the steam shower does offer good (and healthy) service at a reasonable cost.

It’s the installation cost that should be watched out for. The steam shower in itself can be pricey and add to that the cost of labor and materials, then you see the true cost.

It’s important to point out that this is mostly the case with built in steam showers. The cost is less if you choose to go with a cheap modular unit.

6. The purchase point of the Steam Shower

The subheading might confuse you, but don’t worry at all. What we’re saying here is that you should buy from reputable sources. There are many modular steam showers in the market and not all are reliable.

We advise you to actually see the unit and touch it to have a feel of whether its quality or not. In addition, research on the product manufacturer and their reputation in the industry. This can go a long way in ensuring that you get the best product.

7. A seat

This might sound trivial, but its quite important. One of the main points of a steam shower is relaxation, so it’s imperative that you have a place to sit and relax.

Many of the units, be it modular or built-in tend to have seats. The main point is to make sure whatever model you get has a seat or else those steam showers after work might not be as relaxing as you expected.

How to Choose the Best Steam Shower

There are some features that you can look out for when buying a steam shower. These features tend to separate the steam showers and make some better than others. Let’s begin:

1. Wireless Steam Controls

Some of the modular steam showers have wireless control options. These options allow you to operate the steam bath remotely. This option is great if you have other issues you need to tend to while allowing the shower to warm up to the appropriate temperature. Go for the best thermostatic showers available in the market, the are sure most likely going to have this feature.

2. In Shower Music/radio

The steam in the shower can help you relax, but why not add some extra things that can make your experience better. Some units do include an internal radio with speakers. Enjoy your favorite songs or radio shows as you relax in the shower.

3. Quick Warmups

The best steam showers also have fast start warm-up options. Different brands normally have different features with their steam generators. Again, read on steam shower generator reviews to know which one will work best for you.

If you’d like your steam shower to warm up immediately, then you should put this into consideration. An important point to note is that this feature uses more energy as the water is continuously being heated.

4. Aromatherapy

The therapy option involves the use of scents to achieve its goals.

Many of the modular steam units tend to incorporate the feature, but some have them as an extra option. Aromatherapy is made possible through the use of oils held in a reservoir around the steam head. Thus, the scent is spread as the steam is dispersed in the shower.

5.Extra features

There are combinations that are included with some units of steam showers. A sauna, a whirlpool or a combination of both can be used.

You could get these extra features to add to the experience. Of course, every manufacturer is different in the way they administer these combinations. Consider reading the specs and features to know what accompanies your unit.

The Benefits of Using a Steam Shower

You might be wondering “what is a steam shower benefits?” We’re here to answer that for you. Before we begin, you need to note that the benefits contrived from steam baths come from the steam. With that said, we can’t outright list all the benefits, so we’ll place them in categories. Here are some of the benefits of steam showers:

  • Skin Care – Steam showers definitely help with skin care as steam is good for the skin. The steam helps open up your pores, thus allowing it to perspire better.In addition, it also hydrates the skin and can reduce or even offer relief from skin problems like acne. Your skin also gets sort of a clean session when taking a steam bath. This is because a combination of the sweating as well as the opening of the pores ensures that the build-up of dirt and oil is expelled.
  • Weight Loss – There is an important thing you need to note here and that is you’re not going to lose so much weight with every session.There is a need for other aspects such as exercise and diet, but a steam bath can aid in weight loss. First, it aids in relieving stress and stress is a major factor in weight gain. In addition, it boosts your metabolism thus allowing you to burn more calories.
  • Aids in Recovery after Exercising – There is always a need for fast recovery after exercise, A steam bath can aid with this. Steam helps increase the blood flow because it widens the blood vessels.In addition, it helps reduce/remove the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. It can also help relieve the aches and pains that come about as a result of the exercising.
  • Stress Management – Always leave the best for last, this is probably the main reason that many people choose to take a steam shower.Steam baths are relaxing and relaxation is the opposite of stress. In general, the steam reduces tension by encouraging you to relax. This feeling of relaxation and happiness can go a long way in helping you relieve stress.Steam showers have also been known to have respiratory benefits. Asthma sufferers have stated that they sometimes find temporary relief from a steam shower. Furthermore, it does also open up and soothe the airways.

The Best Way to Use a Steam Shower

There is no complicated process when taking a steam shower. It’s as easy as taking any other shower. In order to take the best steam shower, all you need to do is step in the shower, turn the steam on and sit back and relax.

Alternatively, you can start the steam going as you attend to other things and come back to a steam-filled room.

Once the steam engulfs the room, relax and enjoy the benefits that come with a steam bath. The optimum time is normally between 10-20 minutes, but this differs from one person to the next.

All in all, the best thing to do after the steam shower is to take a cold refreshing shower and that’s it.

Best stream Shower Reviews

Tips on Using a Steam Shower

These tips are self-explanatory. Here are some tips for you:

  • Ensure that you are well hydrated before using the steam shower
  • Do not stay in the steam room for any longer than you can handle. Leave as soon as you start feeling faint or ill
  • Do not quickly jump into a cold shower as the quick change in body temperature could cause you a shock. It’s best to wait for 5-15 minutes.
  • Always wear a loose-fitting towel to allow your body to breath.

What You Need Before Installing a Steam Shower

These tips are self-explanatory. Here are some tips for you:

  • In order to make a steam shower work, you are going to need the unit, a contractor and the most important of all, a steam generator. A steam shower would be useless without its generator.
  • As you can tell, the main function of a steam generator is to generate steam. Let us enlighten you on this very important component. The device is normally hooked up to your plumbing system.
  • It contains a stainless-steel reservoir as well as a heating element that is controlled by a thermostat. When turned on, the heating element boils the water to a certain point to produce the vapor.
  • The vapor is transported to the shower via a special dispenser that is normally at the bottom of your wall. This dispenser is normally insulated to protect it from burns. The steam generator is normally installed 25 feet away from your shower.
  • It’s a small to medium in size, so it can be easily hidden if you wish. Some few pointers when selecting a steam generator are; the time it takes to produce steam, the level of noise, the size of the generator in relation to your shower enclosure. Steam Generator reviews will surely help you make an informed decision on the which type to buy and which one would work best for you.

In the end, it is safe to say that every steam shower, in particular, would make an excellent choice. Once again, depending on the functions and the kind of design you are looking for.

Also, consider that every type mentioned comes with its own pros and cons, strengths and flaws. In the end, it all just depends on your personal perspective.

While product 1 requires additional cost per shipping, others do not, but they are more expensive.

Products 2 and 3 have something in common and that is incredible modern design.Product 3 requires a little bit more splurging, but it is also the one that guarantees you the best possible user experience.

Product 4, just like Product 3, contains hundreds of high-quality properties, but it is cheaper than product 3. However, its design is not “cool” enough when considering these two.

Considering every factor in the best steam shower reviews, maybe product 5 would be our last option when choosing the best steam shower. Obviously, it has some great functions, certification for safety, but it lacks the variety of functions since every other product has way more. Also, it is high priced. When comparing this one to product 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as their prices, we think that you’d be good whichever you decide to buy in the end except product 5.

Every day millions of products are being manufactured and shipped worldwide and among them – steam showers. Therefore, it can be extremely overwhelming when thinking about which one to pick and eventually buy.

We think it’s safe to say that steam shower reviews in this article will help along the way.

Good luck and enjoy!