Remodeling Fireplace – How to Measure for Fireplace Doors

Fireplaces serve as very good warm options especially during the sheer winter period season. Having a fireplace in your home helps you to keep the indoor temperature comfortable and cozy. Having a proper fireplace glass is also very important to keep it well covered with the right glass.  There are so many benefits of installing this glass around your fireplace and these will be discussed in this article.

Apart from the benefits, it is also important to learn the different kinds of glass doors that work best for your fireplace need and how to select one for your home. Another thing you must take note of that the installation of the fireplace door is pretty easy.  With little know how about how to take measurement and install glass that will make the door fit in perfectly. Let’s get started exploring all the required information about your fireplace glass.

Benefits of Choosing Fireplace Doors

  • Prevention of Health Hazard

Having a fireplace in the home is good but it can be very hazardous as well. Especially when the smoke from the wood is allowed to get into the home. The chimney indeed saves us from collecting this smoke inside, but the truth is that some of them still escape through the opening of the fireplace. This is where the function and benefit of the fireplace door come in. The door can serve as a very good covering to help prevent the smoke from the wood from getting into the home.

This implies that our lungs and respiratory system can be kept safe, preventing us from having chronic lung disease as well as other respiratory issues. Not just that, our clothes can also be saved from the smell of the smoke and we can enjoy the fresh air coming from the environment. 

  • Safety Against Burns

Wherever the location of the fireplace is at home, once it is not well covered, the embers from the burnt wood can easily escape through the fire opening and get into the home. This in itself is very dangerous as it can lead to the burning of the furniture in the home or other combustible materials around it. Worst of, it can lead to the entire razing down of the home especially if proper care is not taken. This is another reason why the fireplace glass door can come in handy to help prevent all of this.

In addition, for those who have children and other young ones in the home, it would be a wise decision to make use of a glass door in the fireplace to prevent from getting into any trouble especially when the parents are not looking. It is also important to point out to them that the door can get hot especially when the woods are burning.

  • Increases Energy Efficiency

The purpose of having a fireplace is to keep the home warm at all times, but this is most times, not the case, especially when the fireplace is not burning. Cold air from the chimney or the uncovered entrance can reduce the amount of heat coming out of the fireplace. This is why the door is needed to help conserve energy as effectively as possible. The dampers placed serving as the covering of the chimney can only do little because they tend to warp easily, but with the help of the fireplace door, energy can be efficiently conserved.

What to Consider When Choosing a Fireplace Door

Before you go ahead to choose a fireplace door for your home, there are some things you need to put into consideration that will likely affect your choice. These include:

The kind of fireplace: there are two types of fireplace, which are the prefabricated or zero clearance fireplace as well as the masonry fireplace. The prefabricated one is usually designed with metal material having a round-ended pipe and chimney. The masonry fireplace, on the other hand, is usually made with brick and mortar. Both have different ways of measuring and selecting the right fireplace door.

Style of Doors: there different door styles with different attachments and finishes that come with them. You need to determine which of the glass door styles you want in your fireplace. This can be dependent on the kind of pattern or design that you have very close to your fireplace so that it can form a perfect blend with the place. 

It is also important to point out that having the door reach the hearth helps beautify the fireplace and adding a more attractive appeal to it.

Type of fire rated glass: No doubt fireplace doors can save lives and minimize the probability of any damage to the building. There are many different types of fire rated glass doors available in the markets to varying fire ratings and protection levels. The type of glass will depend on the need of indoor environment and age group of the people you have in home.

How to Take Correct Measurements for Fireplace Doors

Before going ahead to order the glass door, you need to know how to take the right measurement of the fireplace entrance. There are two ways of positioning the fireplace door depending on your choice. These are the overlap fit and the insert fit.

The overlap fit allows the glass to be covered from outside and most of the prefabricated glass doors come in this form. You do not have an exactly perfect measurement to get for this kind of fit. Using a steel tape measure, measure the width of the opening at the top and the bottom, then find the average measurement. You also need to measure the height of the entrance, preferably from the hearth to the top of the fireplace. Once this is done, you can now record your measurement and send it in.

The inside fit, on the other hand, requires more specific measurements. You follow the same rule but have to be more careful when measuring. The only difference is when measuring the height; you should measure from the hearth to the bottom of the lintel bar or the finishing material. 

Types of Fireplace Doors

There are different types of fireplace doors depending on the design you want. There are those made with tempered glass and those made with ceramics. The ones with tempered glass are cheaper but are not as durable as those made with ceramics are. 

Some of the fireplace doors also come with riser bars, frame finishes, glass channel handles, track or trackless doors, mesh screens as well as other materials that help to add an attractive appeal to the glass. 

Some fireplace doors can also come with patterned designs while some will not. All these are just to make the door blend with the home pattern.

The Bottom Line

Fireplace doors are good options in the home and every homeowner should consider installing one for the reasons mentioned above. If, however, you are finding it difficult to take the measurement or select the perfect door, then you should consider reaching out to an expert.

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