Table Runners and Placemats Buying Guide

Choosing the correct table dressing is an essential factor you could be overlooking, and one that could impact your home. The material that sits under your plate can make or break your home’s colour palette.

Below, we’ll tell you the most important elements to consider when purchasing your placemats and tablerunners, ensuring your next gathering goes off without a hitch.

With our affordable and highly desirable range, dinnertime will never feel blasé again.

Table Runner or Placemat?

Unlike your kitchen bench, your dining table is a place to relax away from the stress of the day. Leave the mess back on the bench and bring the entertainment to your table with fresh colours and patterns. Choose the materials to suit your tastes and needs and the required linens to compliment any necessities.

Table runners bring the up-market sophistication your house could be lacking. Welcome beauty back into your home by highlighting your setting with a table runner placed in the middle of your table, under any decorations or communal plates.

Placemats give your table setting a one-two punch of demand and glamour. Messy eaters are no match, and coffee rings will no longer mar your wooden tables, which can be prone to scrapes and dints if guests aren’t careful.

Now that you know which one your table desires, your next step is choosing the material and colour your home requires.

Materials & Pairings

Affordability and versatility are just two of the benefits when choosing cotton for your table. Light colours can show off red wine stains, but are easy to wash if the worst should happen. Children may dampen any innocent table runner within reach; so opting for a darker colour can mask a large number of stains and draw the eye to any well-placed decorations. Our Cotton Table Runner MO ($14.00) provides style and practicality without breaking the bank, or causing anxiety from sticky-fingers.

Consider your table colour when choosing coverings to make a star of your furniture. Our Long Weave Whitewash Placemat ($7.00) contrasts well with dark natural wood, creating an organic and luxurious feel. Complete the Scandinavian aesthetic by pairing a light birch table with our Round Weave Blackwash Placemat ($7.00) and compliment with minimal decorations and pale colours.

Contrast the harsh lines of your home with a fun accompaniment like our Round Woven Cotton Placemat in Blush ($8.00) to create an element of drama. Compliment your colours or change the colour theme altogether to suit your style. Woven placemats can be used in the centre of your table as serving mats, or on top of a table runner to create another layer of style and protection.

Seasonal Theming

As autumn is among us, use shades of red and brown to invite warmth into your home. Our Copper Printed Table Runner ($42.00) can create warmth and depth with its intricate pattern. While autumn may leave you shivering under a layer of blankets, consider warming your environment. Add material to your table by criss-crossing multiple runners to create a braided centrepiece. 

Boldly go where few dare to venture and choose a bright pattern for your next dinner party. Our Palm Green Table Runner ($39.00) can bring the outdoors in during the summer, and ward-off any winter blues. For a Fiji fantasy at your next shindig, pair your Palm Green Table Runner with a natural material like our Jute Round Placemat ($8.00), or weaved Whitsunday Placemat ($10.00).

If buying new placemats and tablerunners seasonally seems like a daunting task, choose to dress your home in neutral shades as an affordable solution that can weather any trend. An understated colour and style like our Palm Table Runner ($47.00) is versatile enough to suit every season, and can be paired with a set of Matte Grey or White Round Woven Cotton Placemats ($8.00) for a finished look.

Table Free Designs

If you’re short on space, or your dining table is hidden under mounting clutter these days, consider table runners and placemats for your coffee table. Suitable to use when eating in front of the television or to create another element of design to your flower display, our natural placemats can protect your furniture from any over-watering accidents.

Cement your status as an entertaining extraordinaire by folding a table runner under your antipasto platter, in the centre of your coffee table, or under your television.

Soft furnishings can add warmth, minimise echo in sparsely furnished houses and add colour to an otherwise lacking home. Try incorporating our table runners and placemats into your home.

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