What Is the Best Dandelion Killer and How to Choose It?

Needless to say, it’s difficult getting rid of dandelions. After all, they do grow thick and long. And try what you may, the most effective way to remove them is only by using the best dandelion killer. But it has to be a high-grade one. That’s capable of getting the job done easily, conveniently, and quickly.

That said, you should know how to choose a dandelion killer formula. What types of dandelion killers are there? And is the solution long-lasting? There’s a lot of information about this particular product. That’s important to find out before you buy and use one.

But first, let me give you a quick run-through as to what types of dandelion killers are there. And then we can talk about them at length.

Types of Dandelion Killers Currently Available

Once again, the most reliable way to get rid of weeds is by using a dandelion killer. But you have to pick one that offers a permanent solution. Speaking of which, these top 8 choices the best Dandelion Killer reviewed on Top Tips for Her are certainly very powerful and effective. And the organic ones are much the same plus safe to use. In case you have kids and pets running around in your backyard.

Now, how about the list of the different types of dandelion killers?

  1. Organic Dandelion Killers
  • Pre-emergent, selective
  • Pre-emergent, non-selective
  1. Chemical Dandelion Killers
  • Pre-emergent, selective
  • Post-emergent, non-selective

More often than not, the form of the solution is a liquid. But there are dandelion killer granules as well.

Choosing the Best Dandelion Killer

It’s crucial to remove the whole plant, which prevents it from growing back. At such times, a dandelion killer works best. As it makes sure the plant doesn’t come back anytime soon. Also, it simplifies the process of pulling and tugging the weeds manually.

So how to go about choosing a solution that works for you?

Here are all the factors that actually matter…

Dandelion Killer – Chemical or Organic?

No doubt, both options are effective. Although the chemical version gets the job done more quickly and accurately. However, it does run the risk of harming children and pets.

As for organic dandelion killers, they might take longer for getting rid of those unwanted weeds. And may also have to use the solution many times. But the most important thing here is that it’s a safe product. So even if your pet or kid comes in contact with the formula, there are no risks involved.

All you need is the pump sprayer. For mixing the dandelion killer concentrate properly. But, more importantly, pump sprayers help in spreading the dandelion killer more easily and quickly.

Dandelion Killer – Post Emergent or Pre-Emergent?

After choosing between organic and chemical, it’s time to make another decision.

So what does pre-emergent mean? Simply that the solution attacks those seeds right before they get the chance to grow. To put it more simply, with a pre-emergent version, you’re destroying the process of growth altogether. So you’re solving the problem before it takes form.

These types of dandelion killers come in granular or liquid form. Either way, you just have to apply the solution directly. And then water the soil for activating the ingredients present in the dandelion killer.

This often begs the question what is the best time to spray dandelions? And the answer is during the fall and winter months of the year. But it makes no sense to use pre-emergent once those dandelions have started growing already.

Then there’s the post-emergent option as well. That you apply only once after the dandelions start to grow. But this doesn’t cover all that well. Meaning there might be patches left after the application.

Post-emergent dandelion killers are a blend of chemicals. This mixture, needless to say, kills dandelions. While also preventing them from growing back.

You saturate the dandelion base. And make sure to cover all the exposed stems and leaves. But put on safety gear because this particular solution is toxic. Meaning wear a mask and gloves.

Dandelion Killer – Selectivity and Persistence

It’s important that you pick a product that doesn’t damage the neighboring plants while killing dandelions. The selective version of the solution, at such times, is the safest option. When it comes to not damaging other parts of the lawn.

As for the non-selective kind, it tends to kill everything the mixture comes in contact with. This includes nearby plants as well.

How about persistence? It’s best described as the amount of time the product remains active. Non-persistent doesn’t have the ability to avoid future growth. On the contrary, persistent ones have a longer-lasting effect. Plus, they prevent future growth.

Dandelion Killer – Durability

A solution with the ability to withstand all types of weather is the best of all. I mean there’s no point in using a dandelion killer that’s not formulated to endure rains. Or very dry climatic conditions. There are products that offer limitations as to the time of day you can use them.

So make sure to check the dandelion killer’s specific instructions before buying. Such as when it can and cannot be used. And if that kind of information is not provided. Then maybe you can get in touch with the seller. I know this seems like a lot of effort. But doing this is only going to prevent wasting money on something you end up not using.

Another factor to keep in mind is to buy a multipurpose dandelion killer. This information is often printed on the label of the product. Whether you can use it for certain types of weeds or all of them. The latter, obviously, is the better choice.


Without the shadow of a doubt, dandelion killers do a wonderful job of getting rid of those unwanted weeds in your backyard. But make sure you’re buying one that kills only the dandelions. And not the surrounding plants as well.

In this article, I have discussed which type of solvent works more quickly. Along with which type is safer for pets and children i.e. an organic or natural dandelion killer.

So keep such important factors in mind when choosing the best permanent solution for the problem of dandelions.

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