5 Reasons You Won’t Make It Selling Real Estate

Real estate is a profitable business; only if you play your cards well. Not everyone that ventures in it succeeds. Starting up may be difficult. However, keeping it running is even harder. 

Have you tried selling real estate and failed? You may have made some mistakes. Now, these are the reasons you won’t thrive selling real estate

1. You Haven’t Set Up a Plan

Just like any other business, you need a concrete plan before starting up your real estate enterprise. You need to clearly lay down all factors and details entailing your venture. This will help you to know what your objectives are and how you will achieve them.

A business plan is essential for every business. It is actually the backbone of the venture. Imagine setting off for a journey to an unknown destination. You will just be wandering like a headless chicken. This will make you vulnerable for any available predator, however weak it may be.

A good plan will help you make sound decisions and take reasonable risks. You will be an entrepreneur with direction and focus. You will be in a better position to compete for the market share.

Failure to set up your real estate business plan is the first reason you won’t go far in this field. You will be waking up with no clue of what you’re supposed to do for the day. Before you know it, your business will be on the verge of collapsing. 

In fact, setting up a business plan should be the first thing you ever do before starting the actual business.

2. You Are Overconfident

There is this type of people who want to be bosses everywhere. There is totally nothing wrong with that. In fact, being your own boss is one of the best things that can ever happen to you. However, do you know that even the king has advisors? 

Most people venture into the real estate business because they want to be their own bosses. They really don’t believe they need help. The truth is that everyone needs help at some point in life. Being overconfident that you can handle anything and everything well could be the reason for your failure in real estate.

There are veterans who have been in the field for so many years. They have tasted both success and failure. They know what is good for your business and what’s not. Listening to them may be a very nice idea.

Ego contributes a lot to failure of businesses and even relationships. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just humble for a few minutes and get things right. The ones you may be considering as low-class employees may be the same people with awesome ideas of succeeding.

3. You Spend Your Energy Doing Irrelevant Things

Do you know what a Realtor is supposed to do on a normal day? Well, there are lots of tasks to complete for your business to run well. Real estate needs a very good relationship with customers and prospective buyers.

Technology is really awesome. Your phone and laptop should be your best friend to make your business stand. However, when are you supposed to use them? Where should you use them? How long should you stay on your phone?

Crowded places like seminars and property exhibitions are the best places to land clients. However, there’s no way you can interact with people and be on Facebook at the same time. Don’t keep checking your email every minute to respond to mails. 

Make sure you batch up all your mails and dedicate some time to respond to them. Also, set aside time for spending online each day. Take advantage of public gatherings and source clients by interacting with people. Don’t let your phone isolate you from the crowd.

What you do online also matters. You could be failing because you spend time watching irrelevant videos and posting irrelevant pictures online. Make sure you do the right thing that contributes to the success of your business.

4. You Don’t Have a Passion For Real Estate

Many people fail in businesses because they venture into something they aren’t passionate about. You can’t start a food business if you don’t love cooking. It may be worse if you don’t even know how to cook.

Just like all other businesses, real estate requires passion. This will drive you during difficult moments. There are those times when business is really bad and you just feel like giving up. Only passion can keep you going.

What were your dreams when you were growing up? Did you ever dream of being a Realtor? Do you admire other Realtors? These are some of the self-assessment questions to help you decide.

You should not get into a real estate business just because you heard it’s profitable. Similarly, don’t start this business to fulfill family or friends’ pressure. You may have seen and read many success stories. However, what you don’t know is what those people went through to achieve success.

Let it be an inner drive that takes you into real estate and not people’s stories and convictions. Your experience may not be like others’. This is why passion is very crucial.

5. You Aren’t Patient

Building a successful business does not happen overnight. You will have to go through a very dark tunnel to find light at the end of it. Failures may be many at first.

You may also feel like giving up in the initial stages of your business. All these setbacks are very normal. However, only real entrepreneurs can endure and overcome them. 

Being in the real estate business needs a lot of patience. You will take time building relationships with customers. Your business will also take time to stand on its feet. Patience is one of the things that will take you through this journey.

If you aren’t patient, you may give up before you even make your first profit. That’s how you will end up failing in real estate. 

Some clients may also be difficult to deal with. You will have to exercise patience so that you don’t ruin your relationship with them.


To wrap up, it takes hard work and determination to make it in any business. Real estate is not an exception. If you want to start selling Toronto condos, make sure you avoid all things that may possibly make you not sell. All in all, real estate is an amazing venture.

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