All You Need to Know About Walk-In Showers (pros and cons)

Deciding to renovate the bathroom? I’m sure you already have a few designs like a walk-in shower in mind. But just because you know what you want doesn’t mean you should get it immediately.

What I mean to say is that your bathroom is going to look like that for a very, very long time. So it’s better to understand what such terms actually mean. So here’s all you need to know about walk-in showers.

Different Styles of Walk-In Showers

It’s undeniable that a walk-in shower is a modern design. The thoughtful and open structure is better suited for the twenty-first century. However, that doesn’t mean your walk-in shower cannot match with the interior of your room or home. No matter how traditional, eclectic, contemporary, or modern the latter looks.

It all boils down to the kind of tiles and décor items you choose.

Modern Design

The most common style is the modern one. Contemporary or modern walk-in showers are open and shaped using straight geometrical lines. Such as rectangles. Even circle-shaped walk-in showers have a modern design.

There are no ledges or elaborate decorations. This makes the whole thing look minimal. And that’s what modern interiors are all about these days.

You can go ahead and emphasize the geometrical shape of your walk-in shower. By opting for square-shaped showerheads. Right angles and straight lines look more than just minimal. They are also very contemporary and sharp.

So don’t hold back when it comes to playing with shapes. Also, make sure you choose a neutral-colored tile for emphasizing the openness. Along with the size of the shower! This is also a very modern idea. Contrasting shapes like rectangle tiles and circle-shaped showerheads add visual appeal as well.

Traditional Design

Now there’s no need to worry just because you prefer traditional over modern. Your bathroom is not going to look like those boring or ugly communal showers of dormitories or gyms.

Traditional walk-in showers are usually made of glass. Particularly if the bathroom space is not very generous. The location of the shower is more defined. You can choose typical porcelain or plastic floor over tile.

Needless to say, traditional designs hugely depend on the kind of décor elements you use for your bathroom. For example, you can let your old heater for water be fixed on the wall. And allow the pipes to show. Just keep in mind that traditional hardware has the ability to emphasize the décor. So think along those lines.

So you don’t have to make-do with modern just because you want to install a traditional walk-in shower in your bathroom. There are many traditional ideas you can incorporate and even pull off. Without having to go the contemporary way!

Industrial Design

What about industrial bathrooms? If your taste is more on the industrial side, then walk-in showers should seem like an ideal choice. As long as you don’t mind showing your home’s bare-bones!

More often than not, industrial space is more revealing and open. Such spaces thrive on architectural designs like wood and metal. They also openly display plumbing. Along with other systems usually hidden behind your functional home.

You can use aluminum squares for framing the glass door. It creates the look of a window. You can also choose only industrial hardware décor elements that have a retro appearance. This goes a long way when it comes to emphasizing your preferred style.

You also have to be willing to leave a few corners unattended. Industrial design always looks more defined when roughness around edges is visible.

All You Need to Know About Walk-In Showers: Benefits

Why have a walk-in shower? There are many reasons why the walk-in shower design is better than regular showers.

A walk-in shower consists of tiles that are easier and more convenient to clean. In comparison to typical porcelain shower interiors. The former doesn’t hold dirt and grime like the latter. At the same time, dealing with moldy, dirty shower curtains is also something you don’t have to worry about.

Another praiseworthy advantage of walk-in showers is that they fit in just about all bathroom spaces. You customize the design based on how much space your bathroom offers. This means not having to struggle with installing typical-sized showers. Even though you don’t have enough room!

Walk-in showers are also very accessible. Comparatively speaking, baths are much less accessible. So if you have family members with mobility issues, a walk-in shower certainly comes to the rescue. No need to step over any high ledges here!

Needless to say, even you can benefit from this easy accessibility once you grow old. Walk-in showers increase home value. While also making your bathroom space look attractive.

If I were to only keep the design in mind, then also a walk-in shower seems like the better choice. To build it, there’s no need for cutting the space in multiple sections for fitting the shower.

The same tile is spread all over the bathroom. Thus making it look more continuous and harmonious. And when any space looks that way, it appears to be bigger too. Did you know that?

Here’s the moral of the story. Just don’t compromise on style only to incorporate practicality. Why not get the best of both worlds?

All You Need to Know About Walk-In Showers: Drawbacks

You don’t want to convert all your bathrooms into walk-in showers. Think about the resale value of your home before you do that. Ideally, you should leave at least 1 bathroom with the traditional full-sized bathtub.

Real estate agents classify bathroom spaces by fixtures. So for your bathrooms to be qualified as “full baths”, a tub is necessary. When the space has a shower without a tub, it’s labeled as “three-quarter bath”.

Aside from real estate and resale value, there some other important disadvantages too. Like how are you going to bathe small children in a shower instead of a tub? The latter is a more convenient option, no doubt.

Even in terms of privacy, door-equipped standard showers are more personal than open showers. Speaking of doors, walk-in showers don’t have any. So you might feel drafty during showering.


Unquestionably, a walk-in shower is a thing of value. In all important aspects like cleaning, style, and looks.

If easy accessibility is a priority, walk-in showers seem like the perfect option. And the best part is that there are modern, industrial, and traditional designs. So it doesn’t matter what your personal preferences are, your bathroom can look however you like.

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