Everything You Need To Know About Glass Verandas

If you have decided to build a veranda outside your house there are two things that are certainly clear to you. First, there are plenty of reasons as to why you have decided to build a veranda. Equally as well there are different types of verandas that you can build for your own house.

I hope as you were doing your research on the different types of verandas you stumbled upon glass verandas. These are among the modern types of verandas that make your house look stylish. In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about these glass veranda styles.

What are glass verandas?

To put it simply there are verandas that their roofing structure is made of glass and has aluminum as the frame. Glass verandas are a way of bridges your houses space and outside space in a way that you truly enjoy being in a sheltered area.

What is the cost of a glass veranda?

The cost is somehow subjective as it will depend on what the glass provider is willing to accept. At times the price will include costs such as installation fees and some additional features which you would like. Roughly, we can quote that a 4-meter space will cost around $10, 000.

Installation of a glass veranda

It’s very easy to install a glass veranda, but this is always done by experts. This could explain why you do not need planning permission to install the veranda. To some providers, this could take a maximum of one week while others it’s only two to three days. But it’s wise to consult your provider to give you the exact timeframe.

What color styles can someone choose from?

You can choose from over 100 different types of colors for your glass veranda. This colors will help you choose the best color and which matches with your house. However, the colors could be limited to the company that you want to buy from.

What makes a glass veranda?

A glass veranda will require an aluminum at the sides and glass at the roofs. The reason why aluminum is used is due to the fact that aluminum does not rust easily, therefore, guaranteeing you is durability and because aluminum will add a stylish look. These verandahs always have gutters.

Some other additional features that you might add to the glass verandah.

These additional features are what you add to customize your verandah to fit your own needs and preferences. They include.

1. Lighting

Lighting lights your verandah at night to make you still enjoy it both day and night time. There are up to six led lights that you can choose from.

2. Heating

There are some places where the during the winter season the temperature is very low. During this time you will need a heater. A heater makes the place warm.

3. Shades

To fight the hot weather conditions the glass verandahs, there are various solutions which are used to provide shade to your veranda. To some by pressing a button, you get a shade that you need. Examples are sliding and fixed glass wall which is very popular.

These shades can serve other purposes such as protection and privacy when you need it.

From these features, there is no denying that a glass veranda is designed to make you enjoy it all throughout the year no matter what season it is or time of the day.

Uses of garden verandas

1. Weather protection. They are made of toughened glass which ensures that you are protected from harsh weather conditions all throughout the year.

2. A home extension. They are an extension of your home which could explain why it increases the value of your home.

3. It offers a space which could be used for your entertainment, for example, having birthday parties and Christmas parties there.

4. A relaxing place. A glass veranda has a good flow of air through it that makes it a good place to relax when the weather is warm while you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of the environment around.

To whom is a glass veranda ideal for?

A famous business saying always said that the demands of the market would always prevail. That is what the customers want is what will win. For a glass veranda, there are certain customers with certain preferences which would lead to buying a glass veranda. What are these preferences?

1. If you prefer to always see the sky from the roof. This will be lead to buying a glass veranda. But be warned not all colors of the glasses will let you see the sky. Choose wisely.

2. Noise during a downpour. There are people who don’t like such noises while it’s raining. Such people should choose a glass veranda which produces low sounds as compared to polycarbonate roofs.

3. Preference for a relaxing place that bridges your inside and outside.

4. People who like to be stylish. A glass veranda makes your house look stylish and modern. It makes it look beautiful.

Benefits of glass veranda

1. First, the maintenance cost is very minimal. You only need to do normal cleaning.

2. Aside from making your house look very beautiful this type of modern veranda increases the value of your house significantly. You surely fetch a lot of money if you are selling your house.

3. It’s a good place to relax in especially if the weather is very sunny. It’s an extension of your house that has plenty of natural light.

4. During the winter you can still be outside the house without getting cold or rained on.

5. A look at a house with a glass veranda gives it a modern house look that is very attractive to a lot of people.

Disadvantages of glass verandas

1. They are not appropriate for places where there are kids who play football or throw stones as this could limit its durability.

2. There are others which do not guarantee your privacy. People from outside can see what you are doing inside.

3. Some features such as lighting, heating, and sounding will require you to pay a premium to acquire them. To some, this could be expensive.

4. It’s a good place to relax but does not provide protection against direct sunlight. However, there are shades which can rectify this issue.

From this article, we come to the conclusion that a glass veranda is the best you can go for and provides you with features to enable you to enjoy using it throughout the year. Coupled with the lots of advantages it has you surely have a lot to gain from it. It’s worth the price.

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