Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important to one’s health. It is fulfilling for us people if we have enough and comfortable sleep to keep us energized throughout the day. It also affects our brain’s ability to learn and may lead to a range of deficits including irritability, impaired memory, loss of concentration and coordination.

Different factors affect the quality of sleep you get each night, and most of them are under our control; therefore, getting better sleep at night requires discipline and practice. Here is a list of proven tips to get better sleep at night.

Optimize and Create a Comfortable Bedroom Environment. 

The first factor that affects sleep is our bedroom environment. Good sleeping environment leads to comfortable better sleep.

Keep a relaxed, comfortable room temperature for you. Beddings and mattresses also affect sleep therefore choose linens that make you slightly warm as our body temperature decreases when we are asleep. 

As much as possible, keep your room dark. Eliminate all sources of distraction such as lights coming from cell phones, television or computers. It is also advisable to use curtains to block lights coming from the outside especially if you are living near the highways or roadsides.

Be Consistent With Your Sleep Schedule

Experts say you didn’t have to force getting more than eight hours of sleep, but rather to have enough comfortable rest of not less than four hours. Getting enough quality sleep is better than having long distracted hours of sleep. It may sound impossible to have a consistent rest at the same time, but these steps help to have a fixed sleep schedule.

First, start sleeping at a time that you can easily follow regularly. It is advisable to set time that is not in conflict any of your activities such as work, doing homework or projects. Set the alarm to wake up at an ideal time of yours.

Second, follow the first schedule you set and always keep in mind of the time little by little, by enforcing discipline to be consistent. Do not be discouraged if you fail at first, instead do it repeatedly and later become your routine to set up great cognitive patterns that make it easy to fall asleep.

Avoid Long Daytime Naps

To have a better sleep at night, you must limit or avoid occasional long daytime naps. Most of us feel sleepy in the early afternoon, and there is no wrong about it. But take note that having occasional long daytime naps can cause effects to your night’s sleep.

Because of long daytime naps throughout the day, it can negatively impact your sleeping pattern. We all know of what we refer to as “body clock”, and having irregular periods of sleep during daytime can make this confused leading to us struggle sleeping at night.

To avoid long daytime naps, it is advised to set the alarm for enough daytime naps to regain the energy you need for the day. It must not exceed for an hour and must not be done regularly. This can be challenging because early afternoon’s mood can really lead us to fall asleep but with determination, limiting sleep can be possible.

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Exercise Regularly

This might be a common advise when talking about health, and also in one’s sleeping pattern. Exercise is strongly proved to improve sleep and health. It can help us have better quality sleep and can reduce symptoms of insomnia.

According to a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine – National Institute of Health, exercise offered more benefits than using sleeping medications like sleeping pills.

An investigation revealed that training for patients with insomnia reduced time to fall asleep by 50 to 55%, total night wakefulness by 28 to 30% and anxiety by 15% while training increased entire sleep time by almost 20%. 

Physical activities that contribute to better sleep include exercise such as walking, biking, running, jogging or even meditation such as yoga. Regular exercise routine also helped in reducing stress levels.

Besides, having an active daily lifestyle and being exposed to daylight contributes to a good night’s sleep.

Monitor Your Eating Habits

Studies show that foods we eat throughout the day can affect our quality of sleep at night. Eating an overall healthy and nutrient foods can directly affect our brain health.

Choosing the right choices of food can save you, knowing what to eat and what not to eat. Do not go to bed if you are hungry, and in contrast, you also must not go to be if you are full. It is essential to know what you must avoid before sleeping. Discomfort in your tummy makes you distracted to get better sleep.

Also, also avoid nicotine, caffeine or alcohol before going to sleep. Avoid eating cheesy, fatty or spicy food. Instead, choose foods rich in melatonin which is a good source in getting better sleep such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Clear Your Minds From Worries and Fear

What runs in our mind have a significant impact and it can define our sleeping fortune, either you get a night of better sleep or troubled sleep.
The first thing to do to have a better sleep is to calm your mind. Follow relaxation techniques to help in eliminating negative thoughts that make you anxious, worried and fearful.

Do mindfulness meditation and breathing exercise that can make you calm. Listening to soothing and relaxing music or reading your favourite book also adds in relaxation.

Manage worries and keep in mind that all of our concerns and fear are only in our mind until we choose to see a different bright side of the coin. See things and be optimistic.

Having lots of things to do the following day also contributes to distractions in getting better sleep. Our advice is to do all the tasks you can do before going to sleep such as home works, projects, to do list and more. Things that are urgent must be accomplished before sleeping.

Through discipline and determination to achieve things we want, it is possible for everyone to get better quality sleep. This can be challenging for the first time, but failures lead to learning more of the things we need to improve. Do not be discouraged and just look forward to greater things and soon enjoy every night with good night’s sleep.

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