How Burglar Alarms Work

A burglar alarm simply takes care of the internal security of our houses. The burglar alarm is deliberately contrived to protect and guard our houses against break-ins. Nowadays you can discern different types of alarm systems different working principles developed over years.

Burglar alarms are used in almost all modern homes today. Unfortunately, few individuals know their importance and how they work. Once they know their functionality, they can utilize them to the fullest as well as determining which system suits them best. Security starts with you when you start to care.

They may sound like their functionality is the same, but all work in a very different manner. Security systems can be compared with arms race which means as the security system advances, burglars and thieves find better and newer ways to break-in and avoiding the system. 

In today’s world, modernized burglar alarms ranging from self-contained noisemakers, miniature to intricate and multi-zoned systems have computer monitor outputs which are colour-coded are available. It’s the same case to portable alarms which you can use to protect your automotive. 

Before purchasing any burglar alarm system, there are some guidelines you should follow as the whole process requires careful planning. Check out the below guidelines before you go to the market:

1. Identify your precious valuables

Some people own precious items which can attract malicious minds. Before installing an alarm system, identify your assets so that you can determine the type to buy which will effectively protect them. 

2. Know about the different types of systems

There are many varieties of burglar alarms in the market and each has its specific purpose. Know where each type works and in what situations to fully maximize them. 

3. Get ideas from various manufacturers

After deciding on buying an alarm system, get quotes from various manufacturers to help plan your budget for the best quality. You can do this online to save both your time and energy.

4. Seek professional assistance

You might get puzzled with some technical complications when installing the system. To ensure the system is fully functioning: it’s better to seek some professional or technical assistance.

How burglar alarm works

Burglar alarms operate on the basic principle of opening and closing of circuits. The alarm guards a particular section, maybe a door or a window. It works if the circuit is finished or interrupted when there is a position change of the door. 

In most cases people install them and don’t know how to operate them: this can cause more losses and harms than gains to ignorant people. when the system is not fully functioning can bring unnecessary expenditure should an intruder invade your house and steal valuable items.

Burglar alarm working is similar to that of an electric circuit. To know more about them, and their functionality, compare to a simple electric appliance or circuit functionality. 

The only difference is that an intruder movement will be detected by the switch. If an intruder tries to break into a house through a window or a door, his/her motion will be detected by the switch which in turn triggers the burglar alarm. 

Basically, there are two major types of burglar alarms. One that rings when somebody breaks the electrical and the other one which gets tripped on sensing any motion.

Burglar alarms main types

As explained above, burglar alarms have two major types. Go through the below details to know more about them:

Electric circuit – These are simple alarm systems that basically use electrical circuits. You can install them to protect your house borders like the entry points that a burglar might use to access your house. These security alarm systems are further subdivided into two categories:

* Closed circuit systems – In this category as long as your window or door is closed the electric circuit remains closed, but when somebody opens the window or door, the circuit is broken and the alarm is triggered.

* Open circuit systems – In this system when somebody opens the window or door the open circuit is completed which in turn enhances the flow of electricity triggering the alarm. 

Motion detectors – This is the second type of burglar alarms. They can detect burglars who have already entered your premises. Their working principle is to send out radio energy and observing the pattern of reflection. 

When someone in motion into the house obstructs the reflection pattern, the alarm is activated and sends a signal to the controlling box centre. The intruder is busted unnoticeably and chased away. 

In learning about burglar alarms and their functioning, one should also know about the magnetic sensor and its functionality. The magnetic sensor comprises of:

- A battery which powers the circuit

- A spring-driven switch made of the metal built onto the window or door frame

- A magnet embedded in the window or door and lined up with the main switch 

- A buzzer powered separately with a switch which is relay-driven

When the magnetic sensor detects any movement it sends a signal to the control box which in turn sends a signal to the connected alarm device like a bell. The bell sounds the alarm which frightens the burglar. The control box also sends the same signal to the police to come and apprehend the burglar. 

Burglar alarms are located in hidden and safe places so that the burglar can’t find it to disengage it. Common safe places are door frames or under the welcome mat where it must ring or detect any motion. 

The immediate reason as to why burglar alarms are there is guard and protect people. However, being alerted to a burglar isn’t enough for a robbery to not happen. Advanced systems are ensuring remote control and local alarms options. A remote alarm won’t create any sound around its guarding location. 

At a secondary location, that might be a security firm or a short message to a mobile phone or email address. This gives the victim an opportunity to contact the police without the criminal noticing. Local alarms are normally irritating and loud to mostly scare the burglar and draw the attention to the crime.
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