How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane?

If you’re living in a hurricane-prone area, don’t be scrambling at the last minute, start preparing your house to be ready for a major storm. In this article, I’m going to share many vital tips with affordability to protect your property.

Storm-guard the house

During a hurricane, there might happen some downpours and nasty winds. To fortify your house against those harsh devastation, take these time-taking steps firstly:

Equip storm shutters to windows and doors

Head out to any nearby hardware stores and ask the sellers for some storm shutters. I’m sure they are popularly available and take note that there are two common types – aluminum and steel. They are both good so pick your preference.

Don’t try to tape your house’s windows or doors because it doesn’t work. If you’re in an emergency situation, DIY a wood storm shutter isn’t a bad idea.

Set up surge protection & Prepare for power outages

90% of strong hurricane cases will get power outages because of falling-down phone lines and power lines. To prepare for that, buying a good generator should be considered. Don’t forget to purchase some candlelight and lighters on the other hand.

If lucky enough the hurricane is light, don’t be too subjective, there might be power surges instantly occur during a major storm. This creates immediate destruction to sensitive house appliances such as AC or heaters, causing surge damage to these costly items.

To eliminate such risks, add a power surge protection to them as well as use power strips that are equipped with surge protection.

Clean the gutters & drains

I know how dreaded this task is but during downpours, if your drains and gutters don’t flow properly, chances are that water will be poured back into your house.

Inspect these two positions to know if there’s something blocking the water flow from the house roof while avoiding crawl space or basement flooding.

It’ll be more economical for those who are experienced in this task. But if you don’t, I highly recommend spending $100 – $200 for professional cleaning the gutters and drains of your house.

Secure outdoor furnishings  

You’ve got two choices: Bring them into your house or move out of the wind’s reach. If you choose the second option, ensure to secure all outdoor items tightly to the ground.

Don’t forget your BBQ grill, outdoor tools, and of course, your dog’s house. You can’t imagine how strong of hurricane winds, they’re able to blow anything in their path and things like claw chairs or dog house can break the windows.

Protect your landscaping

During a hurricane’s fury, trees and plants are the easiest to be vulnerable. Hence, it’s critical to:

·         Tire down small shrubs and trees to avoid uprooting

·         Trim tree limbs that are hanging over your house or loose branches to decrease the risks of windblown limbs or a tree falling

·         Hire a professional (arborist) to assess the surrounding trees’ health and consider removing all weak ones.

With other landscaping elements like gravel paths or drives, you should refresh or replace them with shredded bark

Review your homeowner insurance coverage

While most standard home insurance plans are often left out the flood or wind damage, you should buy an additional package to cover that shortage, especially if living in a hurricane-prone area.

Be aware that they are just valid within 30 days so it’s good to buy proper homeowner insurance before an upcoming storm.

Another thing to keep in mind is an insurance claim will need evidence of your home, inside and out before and after the storm to support that claim as well as recover the max amount.

The easiest way to do it is to photo or shoot video from every angle around your house, consisting of shots to pull back and close-ups to show the entire pictures.


That’s all the must for your preparation to stay safe and secure during a hurricane. If there’s still have time, cover your AC with a manufacturer-approved protective cover to avoid damage and check for foundation cracks. They might be hard to see but during a hurricane can become potential plumbing issues. So, if there’re any signs of blemishes, patch them.

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