How to Replace your Own Furnace

In most cases, you will discover that most of the houses have a furnace. Well, it worked well but in some instances, you will find that whoever installed that furnace didn't mind about how it will release heat properly or even being efficient when it comes to energy emission.

When a furnace is not constructed well, it can be costly. Most of the time you will have to invest a lot of money on it. Here, it becomes too much and this isn't something that you can do on your own. You need some assistance. If =you are looking forward to replacing your own furnace, then you might spend about $5000

But before that, let us see how a furnace works:

Step 1: How a Furnace Works

Down below it, the furnace has a gas which is a box-shaped heater and is connected to a tube. It is made in such a way that it allows cold air in and lets warm air out. Also, it has the Gas and electricity in function as well as Combustion and Combustion air out and in.

Step 2: The Kind to Buy And Where To Get It

As a furnace love, you will really want something that is efficient, about 94% even higher condensing furnace. This includes a good speed blower and a good heating capacity overall just as the same way you are replacing. The size of this doesn't matter as you can use a small one or a bigger one.

Over the years, the furnace companies have been able to come up with smaller designs. Maybe you do not need a bigger one so that it can fit perfectly in your living room. 

Getting a place that sells a furnace is a bit tricky. Plumbing machines used to be rare in the past, the same case applies to the heat and cooling industry. This is because of their low profile stores and contractors who are still insisting that their field is still developing and has not had a wider market over the years.

If you are thinking of the same too, then it's important to ask a qualified installer so that he/she can advise you properly on how you are going to get a good furnace for your house.

When you decide to search it online, something like'' where can I buy a gas furnace" can be a bit tricky. Furthermore, it only leads to confusion as well as frustration because Google brings a lot of confusing choices there. You do not know the one to choose as well as selecting the perfect one for your house. Here, make sure that you get a good furnace.

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Step 3: What Else Do I Need After Getting a Furnace

Remember one thing, here, you are joining up air, the gas intake, electricity as well as an exhaust. The best thing about this step is that the remaining parts are available at the nearest local building sop material. The only challenge can be a condenser pump.

If it is your first time to install a furnace, then you need to look for these parts carefully. You don't want to build something that you will regret later because installing a furnace is not that easy. You will need:

- A return Air Box- It is a big metal sheet where you put your furnace on. It mainly serves an air scoop and you can join all the air ducts here. It also serves as an air filter.

-A supply Air Plenum- Its main function is to handle air as it moves in and out of the furnace. You will have to perforate holes here so that you can join supply ducts to it. 

Step 4: Joining The Parts of The Furnace

In most cases, you will discover that when you buy a furnace, they always give you a manual so as to make your work easier. It has good specifications and hookups.

This ranges from how to place your vent pipers far from the windows are easily described with a lot of pictures to assist you out. What you simply do is go through the manual so that you can get a clear vision of how it should be.

Household Air

Cool air gets sucked from the bottom of the furnace as it gets heated and passes out to the top. When replacing an existing furnace then you will need to remove the old furnace from the metal box and then place the new units in the same boxes.

If you already have a central air conditioner, then you need several metal boxes. You will need to be extremely careful so that you don't break the wires and tubes.

How to do it
- Cut the metals using a grinder or tin snips
- Fold the pieces nicely using a metal brake
- Screw them together using a sheet metal screw
- Make an airtight or a heat resistant joint using a silver foil tape
- The brush on the duct sealant so that all the air joints can make a better seal.

Combustion Air and Exhaust

Here, you use only two pieces of PVC pipes running from the furnace to the outside of your house. It needs skills as you are making pipes running from your furnace to the exterior of the house.

Gas Supply

The next step is to connect a gas supply to the furnace. This isn't something to be afraid about, after all, In some instances, you might need to change the gas pipes. First, ensure that you switch off the gas supply first then you can use the new gas pipes to replace the old ones. Please note that you can only turn on the gas after you have successfully installed the new pipes. 

Electricity Connection

Well, a furnace needs electricity to run the igniter, the blower, and to control the electronics in general. Connect in the junction box closer to the furnace. note that white is neutral, green is the ground while the black wire refers to hot.

Condensate Wiring

When the furnace is running successfully, there is a time that it condenses some air forming water. You ware required to connect flexible plastic tubes that take out this water out of the furnace. 

Thermostat Wiring

Placing a thermostat in your furnace is important. This is because it controls the amount of heat coming from the furnace. What you do is you connect the green, yellow d red wires on both sides.

With these crucial steps, you will be done and your furnace will be up and running. Ensure that you consult a professional on this. Also, you can have regular inspections sot hat you ensure that it is working properly.

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