How to Stay Ahead of Dog Shedding

A dog is the most common pet that you will find almost in every homestead. Maintaining a dog is such a simple task, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will not have to take any care to your dog.

As a dog owner, you will experience some challenges, and you will need to stay ahead of them, the most common problem you will encounter is hair shedding. 

Why your dog will shed hair?

Dog shedding is the most common problem that many dog owners will experience. Dog shedding is not such a unique thing, and as a dog owner, you should expect it. Dogs will shed their hair off as a way of removing old and damaged hair and replace it with new and good looking hair.

How much is excess?

However, when a dog sheds excess hair and starts covering everywhere in your house with hair, you will have to take caution at this point. Excess shedding of hair may mean that your pet is not in a good health condition and you need to take action immediately. To know how much shedding is excess it will depend on the breed of the dog you have.

How to control excessive dog shedding

When your dog starts shedding more hair than you are used to with generalized signs of illness then its time to take caution, there are several tips that you can use to stay ahead of excessive dog shedding. Following are tips to help you control excess dog shedding. 

1. Groom your dog well

Although you need to seek the help of a professional before starting any treatment on your dog, grooming your dog well is one of the things that you will be advised to do.

Grooming will keep the hair in a way that is neat and make it very difficult for the dog to shed it off. This isn’t a complicated or expensive procedure so there is no reason you shouldn’t groom your dog daily.

What can I use to groom my dog?

You don’t need any advanced or expensive equipment to groom your dog. There are several home grooming tools that you can use and keep your dog looking beautiful, the type of tools you will use depend on the type of hair your dog has whether short or long.

Metal comb and sleeker brush are the most recommended home grooming tools that you can use to keep your dog’s hair in good condition.

Why hire an expert

Although dog grooming is a simple task, it is also very sensitive. You should only try grooming your dog on your own if you are sure you will do it correctly.

You need to rinse and dry your dog thoroughly after washing it and use the right shampoo as the dog PH will be different from that of the human being. If you think all these is too much for you then getting a grooming professional can be a good idea. 

2. Good diet

Apart from preventing excess shedding, a good diet will also contribute to the overall health of a dog. In case you notice any abnormal shedding then maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can help to control the situation. When a dog is in a good nutrition plan, it will develop new and healthy hair that will be hard to shed off.

Essential fatty acids and high-quality protein will improve the quality of the hair developed. High-quality hair means low shedding. Get advice from an expert on which nutrition plan to start on your pet and get started immediately

3. Treat your dog

Certain medical issues will make a dog shed more hair than it does in normal situations. If these conditions are not handled on time a dog can end up shedding all its hair. Immune disorders, fungal infection, allergies, Cushing’s disease, and hormonal imbalance are the main health problems that will make a dog to shed hair.

If you realize any excess shedding and you are dieting and grooming your dog well then seeking help from a veteran is your only option. A veteran will examine the condition of your dog and give you the best recommendations; this will make it easier to start a treatment plan as you will already know what you are treating.

Young dog enjoying while owner combing it

How can I keep my home free from dog hair?

Although hair shedding can be controlled, it doesn’t mean it will be eliminated completely. A dog will still shed hair but at a controlled rate. You will notice a small amount of hair covering your couch and beddings even after controlling excessive hair shedding in your dog. 

At this point, you may feel annoyed but you shouldn’t, as a dog owner you must experience all these, and your only option is to control where and how your dog will shed its hair. There are several ways you can use to keep your home free from dog hair. 

Train your dog

The best way to clean dog hair from your house is by training the dog. You need to train it on the areas that it should stay and keep boundaries. If you don’t want hair on your bed and couches, then don’t show your dog those areas. Keep it out of your bedroom, and you will not have that disturbing hair on your beddings.

Use hair filters

Dog hair is very light, and at times you will find it moving on the room. This hair can cause allergies and other breathing problems such as asthma. To protect yourself from these dangerous conditions you need to make sure there is no pet hair in your room or house. 

The best way to remove dog hair from the air is by using air filters. This great equipment will filter all the air in your house leaving you with fresh and clean air to breathe.

Cleaning the house

When cleaning your house make sure you use an electrostatic dust mop and not vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners will cause the hair and other particles to fly back to the other surfaces making the activity more demanding.


As a dog owner, you should consider the breed to buy if you want to control dog hair in your house. Also following the above tips will help you to a great extent.

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