How to Turn Up Hot Water Heater

Plain old tap water can be dangerous - literally millions and millions of bacteria are just waiting around to invade your body through infected water supplies. This is one of the contributors to the rise of the gas, electric and durable tankless water heaters.

They solve loads of problems, sure, but it doesn't fool proof - water heaters set too high send thousands to hospitals each year with burns and put you at the risk of various unique types of infection (for instance, Legionnaires ‘disease kind of like the reverse of normal pneumonia).

Safety experts recommend a temperature setting of 120 degrees F - this is neither too hot nor too cold for home use. The only drawback is finding that setting on the dial since it isn't exactly easy because most deals aren't labeled with numbers in the first place.


How to turn up hot water heater on an electric water heater!

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Otherwise, here are the necessary steps needed to know how to turn up hot water heater on an electric heater.

  • Turn off the circuit breaker for your electric water heater at the electrical box. Most, if not all, electric water heaters use around 240 Volts of electricity, meaning they have two circuit breakers that are to be switched on and off together. If it’s not listed on the location sheet on the inside of the panel, be on the safe side and turn off all the power.
  • Carefully remove the insulation from the thermostat by turning it with a flathead screwdriver.
  • Depending on what kind of heater you own, there may be both an upper and a lower heating unit. In which case, there should be two thermostats behind two different panels. Turn this knob with a flathead screwdriver to either raise or lower the temperature.
  • Remove the access panel to the water heater with a screwdriver and set one or both heating units to the same temperature using a flathead screwdriver. It’s strongly suggested that you note both the beginning temperature and adjusted temperature then check the tap temperature at the faucet farthest from the heater.
  • Make adjustments until the desired tap temperature, in most cases, including this one, to 120 degrees, is reached.
  • Replace insulation and the access panel.
  • Turn the circuit breaker on.
  • Let the water in your hot water heater settle to the new temperature and check on it after 24 hours from the faucet farthest from your hot water heater, preferably with a meat thermometer. It should read around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is hotter or colder than necessary, go back to Step 1 and make the necessary readjustments.

That’s it for the electric water heater folks - have fun with your durable tankless water heater and don’t forget to check out the best infrared sauna reviews. Who knows, you might find a new hobby.

To all the gas water heater people, nobody’s forgotten about you.

How to Turn up Hot Water Heater Temperature in Gas Heater

Before you get started, make sure you know how to relight the pilot in your gas hot water heater. Of course, your best option is to consult your owner's' manual. If it’s inconveniently lost, here is a general run-down for changing or adjusting your hot water heater's temperature.

Before we begin, a quick precaution:

  • Remember; don’t use any kind of flames near any of your gas appliances. Any kind of open flame is generally unsafe for use near your gas water heater - do not use candles for lighting or smoke near it.

Here is a quick guide on how to turn up hot water heater if you have a gas heater:

  • Figure out where the gas valve and temperature adjustment dial are on your gas water heater.
  • Slowly turn the adjustment dial to change the temperature to the desired range. Different models have different default settings, some with the Vacation, Warm and hot setting in different configurations. Other models have approximate degrees like “A, B, C, D, E” or “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” instead of the markings on this dial.
  • Turn the dial so that the temperature setting lines up with the mark at the top of the control.


There you go, that’s pretty much how to turn up hot water heater on both electric and gas heaters. It’s a simple process that requires caution along the way, but overall, nothing too challenging.

If you have problems along the way, consider getting a durable tankless water heater to save yourself the hassle of maintenance and later head over to the best infrared sauna reviews and get yourself a treat.

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