Industrial Uses For Stainless Steel Corner Guards To Know

As an architect, there are a lot of details you should choose to make your building cost-efficient and safe. Among the small detail that shouldn’t be overlooked by the architect is providing your wall corners maximum protection.

When it comes to protecting the walls, your furniture and other equipment, employing the corner guards is the best way to go with. As an expert in this field, you should easily avoid time-consuming and costly renovation projects by simply employing the corner guards to any construction project you undertake. 

The Purpose Of Corner Guards In Any Construction

Chances of an individual bumping into a building corner while dragging or carrying something that is heavy are high especially if this load is bringing great obstruction to your vision. In the beginning, you might see unsightly streaks on your wall corners, but then, these streaks over time can become dents, scratches or even missing pieces. All these kind of wear and tear can be prevented by the use of the corner guards. 

Many companies out there offer stainless steel corner guards depending greatly on the required application. These corner guards come in different varieties and colors that range right from silver, black and white. They are commonly used in industrial environments.

The stainless steel corner guards, on the other hand, offer modern kind of appearance that makes them ideal to be used in laboratories, kitchens, in all medical facilities, and at any other space.

These corner guards never break up or even undergo discoloration to ensure they are in place to provide continuous protection despite receiving any alterations to a room. The stainless steel corner guards accomplish such tasks since they are crack proof and at the same time scratch proof.

They offer users many benefits right from saving on repairs and damage to time which you would have spent doing those tasks. Below are some industrial uses for stainless steel corner guards you need to know;

Protects Drywall Corners From Being Damaged

This is actually the primary purpose of the corner guards. Everyone can agree with me that corners are the most damaged house part of any home due to their location that makes it easy for all items that are pushed or carried to be caught right on them. What will result from instances like these are gouges, dents to the corner and torn drywall paper.

By employing corner guards, the corner can be reinforced and it will be provided with an additional barrier that will protect the finish and let the edges maintain a great look for a long period.

The best thing about these corner guards is that they can be bought to match different décor and there are other models that can be painted to match well. 

Prevents Peeling of Wallpapers

Over a given period of time, wallpapers at the corner points can peel off. This normally happens at the bathroom and kitchen where adhesive is eaten away by moisture.

In case you consider adding wallpaper when carrying out renovations, you should add guards to each of them to maintain them ever great looking for quite some time.

The wallpaper can be kept in place by a high-quality wall guard and help the wall to last longer to avoid you incurring costs to repair any damages.

Prevent Injury

The common injurious areas in a building are at the corners. Employing stainless steel corner guards can be a great solution to such kind of problems and they are also durable.

Young babies and toddlers are the majority who are prone to injuries at the corner areas since they never pay much attention to such areas when they are busy playing and running here and there. These injuries can be greatly minimized and keep the children always safe by placing these guards at the corners.

Add Architectural Interest

In case you have a feeling that a particular room of the house needs something more in terms of their looks, you should consider a decorative stainless guard to enhance and protect a room. Corner guards can add some architectural elements that are similar to even the crown moldings.

These stainless steel guards can also be cut into different intricate designs or at the same time have different textured patterns that will, in turn, add to space’s architecture. 

Save your money

Normally, unprotected corners and walls, in general, are mostly overlooked that demands projects of carrying out home renovations. By employing the stainless steel guards to a home, you would have protected your space and you would have reduced cases of spending a lot of cash to carry out home remodeling projects. There is no need to waste your money and time to buy heavy equipment to carry out any home repairs.

Beautify a Space

These days, the stainless steel corner guards are of many different designs, styles and also colors. You can consider beautifully designed stainless steel guards to add a modern touch to your fixtures and corners. You will not incur so much in doing all these but you are assured that some level of appearance can be enhanced at the end.

Provide You Piece Of Mind

A feeling of relaxation is what every person will like to experience after the end of a particular project. After achieving a beautiful and safe home, you will have that feeling that you will not at any time soon incur renovation expenses that others do experience all year round.


The stainless steel corner guards are the best addition to any business house or home décor. They have been identified to be the right options to guard your house walls and corners. There have different industrial uses and you should ensure that you employ them when carrying out any construction project out there.

Using a high-quality guard will be an excellent solution to save you money, beautify a space, and protect people especially young kids and toddlers from injuries and other benefits at large. Why do you have to hesitate? They are a solution you should greatly consider.

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