Navien Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

Navien is a well-known brand name that is popularly known by the home-comfort related manufactured by it. Since its inception in 2006, the company is blooming high with its unparalleled quality. The products manufactured here specialize in providing incredibly high 98% efficiency.

With more than three decades of continuous success, Navien doesn’t compromise on its quality and sophistication in design. It uses an advanced boiler and uses water heating technology. Acknowledged as one of its best-selling products, a Navien Tankless water heater possesses the state-of-the-art technology.

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With no compromise on its quality, it aims to gain a lot of attention. In this article, we will discuss this particular product, its uses and ways to troubleshoot the hitch.

How Navien tankless water heater works

Navien tankless water heater provides an endless supply of hot water on demand, unlike the conventional storage tank water heaters that will eventually run out of hot water.The units get activated as you open the hot water tap. Each time you turn on the faucet, shower, or other water outlets, Navien's tankless water heater will immediately detect the flow and begins to deliver the desired hot water.

Common issues in Navien tankless water heaters

Although the Navien tankless water heaters are built to such standards, this doesn’t mean you won’t run out of hot water. In its initial phase, Navien tankless water heaters had some serious issues.

Due to this, they were known for their unreliability, short bursts of cold water and other minor failings. Causing the sales of the products to be completely stopped around 2009. But luckily, they have gotten much better, and their problems were all addressed over time.

However, this doesn't mean you wouldn't come across problems while using any one of them. Some of the common errors of Navien tankless water heaters are below. We have also included the troubleshooting guide along with this:


Issues with the flow sensor

One of the common issues with the flow sensors is that they can easily corrode. The sudden breakdown of flow sensor results in shutting down of the unit as the buildup would impair operation.

  • There is a temporary fix where you will take the two clamps off the sensor, pull it out and blow on it. The fix recommended by Navien tankless water heater is to change the sensor over to stainless steel. Alternatively, you can replace any part to prevent this unexpected shutdown. Also, an additional fix is to install a 5-micron filter in the water inlet right before the Navien.

Issues with the control boards or motherboards

It is often noticed that motherboards or control boards fail relatively on a frequent basis. This type of situation occurs only when the unit fluctuates. You notice some types of abrupt on and off. Seeing this happen on a repeated basis or possibly, it ends with a failure of error code 03 (ignition failure).

  • The only real solution is to power cycle the unit (unplug and plug back in) or replaces the Navien control board.

Cracking Heat Exchanger

This might not happen on a frequent basis as compared to the other problems. On the other hand, the heat exchanger of the tankless water heater starts withering on an occasional basis. With time passing, because of frequent usage of the tank the state of heat exchanger deteriorates.

  • A heat exchanger should be replaced immediately; it’s a breached containment allowing exhaust gasses to enter your home. The heat exchanger is under Navien warranty.

It takes too long for hot water to reach the fixtures

On some occasions, you might come across some a situation, where the Navien’ tankless water heater starts getting slow. It is suggested to go deep in this situation and look for the blockage.

  • If you are using the external recirculation mode, have a contractor come in to install a recirculation return line from the faucet that is the furthest back from the water heater.

Water not getting hot enough

This can be one of the major problems faced by the user. The tankless water heater is known for providing hot water at a certain temperature.

  • To sort this issue, try to check if the temperature is set too low. Another thing you can do is check for cross plumbing between the cold and hot water lines.

For other little problems that are not mentioned above, you should try to reset the water heater. This can be one of the easy and workable solutions for all miscellaneous Navien tankless water heater problems.

Here, you can reset your water heater by pressing the Reset button located on the front panel. Being an all-time solution, you are better off with the tankless water heater. However, if resetting the Navien water heater and trying the other solutions listed here doesn’t work, then it’s best to call in an authorized technician for further assistance.

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