The Basics of Roofing Replacement

Shelter, clothing, and food are our basic needs. We live in our homes, but then, most of us don’t know that it’s the roof that provides us shelter. To protect your family and property, there is a need that you keep your roof in good condition all times. 

As with any home aspect, any serious homeowner will like to carry out regular home inspections and plan for restoration or repair in case a problem is noticed.

The roof is actually the most important part of the house as it is there shield you from harsh weather conditions. There are a lot of basics you should know about roof replacement and herein are some of them;

The Structure Under Your Actual Roofing

These are the support beams, i.e., the trusses and rafters that are typically in the attic purposely to support the roof structure right from underneath.

There is a need to conduct thorough attic inspection or hire a commercial roofing companies Toronto professional to carry out such tasks themselves since they are experienced in such. In case you find your supporting structures rotten, warped, insect ridden or generally damaged in any manner, you should immediately consider having them replaced until the situation is addressed for the roof to gain strength and quality. 

The Deck

These are simply the wood, typically plywood panels or even some metal sheeting that is normally attached to the roof supports. When planning to do replacement of these, you need to first ask your contractor on the rate they charge in replacing any panel.

You or your expert won’t necessarily know the actual numbers of panels that are required to complete the task until the old roof covering materials are removed by the experts. 

You need to ask out the experts on how much they will charge you to replace the damaged panels and the ones they will charge you free and also the cost of any additional replacement that might be required. This will lender you free from any kind of hidden costs that might arise afterwards. 

The Underlayment

This is a certain black material or felt that are used to cover up the deck panels. This material is normally saturated with asphalt and their main purpose is to provide an air barrier lay and moisture over your deck.

The Roof Covering

This is normally done using tiles or shingles. They are exterior elements that normally come into direct contact with other environmental elements. These are the first line of defense to us from harsh weather conditions. 

The common covering in most parts in the world is asphalt shingles, but then, these covering can be of concrete tiles, clay, some other synthetic materials, metal or wood.

You need to carry out research to know right on the best kind of roof covering that you should use to cover your roof. There exists nowadays newer technology that incorporates fiberglass that has revolutionized the asphalt shingles to make them have great performance and lifespan. 

The Flashing 

This is mainly in place to weather proof and waterproof all the parts of your home that are likely to collect water or even leak. This is true especially with all those house parts that protrude through your roof like for instance the skylights, chimney and the exhaust vents.

Snow or water can also accumulate naturally at the valley or edges of your roofing where two sloping roof sections connect. You can remain protected from water simply by considering flashing.

What is flashing? This is simply a sheet metal that has been bent and made to provide barrier or protection between your roofing and anything that has protruded through the roof. This is made of different materials ranging right from aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel, and other synthetic materials.

The structure out of these materials assures that water cannot penetrate through or into your entire roofing system. Normally, water gets into roofing system by either surface tension, gravity or by high winds that can drive it upwards. 

The Ridge Vents 

These are the structure that normally sits at the highest point of our roofs. Their main purpose is to allow free air flow throw the attic. These are what bring about a balance in temperatures inside and outside to prevent damage like cracked shingles or warped deck. A healthy roofing system is brought about by a properly ventilated attic. 

The ridge vents are normally covered by kind of materials that match clearly with the covering you choose to use. For instance if you consider covering your roof with shingles, there are matching shingle material covering that will match well with your ridge vents. 

The Roof Design

The roof you install on a house determines its ability to withstand infiltration of moisture and air and also shedding water at large. All this is determined by the shape, slope and arrangement of different roof sections. You should carry out a thorough research about this idea to get it right on the kind of roof you need. 

Generally, you need to realize your roof design’s complexity, the more protrusions, the more individual sections, overhangs and many other things. More labor and materials are required to complete such tasks in a proper possible manner.


You need to have in mind that roof replacement is such a great project, mainly for the ageing roofs. You are ever advised to carry out roofing inspections in early fall or late summer so that plenty of time is allowed to make required repairs.

You can in some cases have your roofing works done in several sessions and you might not like your belongings and home exposed to any harsh winter weather. 

You should finally ensure that you budget for all the major roofing replacement projects adequately prior to the day of doing it.

Roofing replacement tasks can be costlier in a manner, therefore you are ever advised that you set aside some amount every year to carry out some of these repairs when the need for the same arises. Get it right to do the best for your roof.

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