The Importance of Having a Perfect Drainage System for Your Lawn

There are countless advantages to having an efficient drainage system for your lawn. If you live in an area known for its rainfall, for instance, your lawn may be drowning in all the excess water. It can be overwhelming. You wake up one morning, after a severe thunderstorm, to discover your beloved garden is sopping wet and under inches of rainfall.

Plants can only survive so much rain. If that sounds like a dilemma you have dealt with, then perhaps it is time to consider a professionally installed drainage system. The benefits far outweigh the initial upfront costs.

Benefits of a Drainage System

First and foremost, an efficient drainage system is designed to prevent water damage to your home, and around it, too. Water damage is an extremely costly situation to find yourself in at any time. So, besides preventing water damage, your brand-new drainage system will also offer relief against:

Foundation Damage – Without water drainage, excess water and rainfall will slowly accumulate at the lowest part of your home and property. For many, this often means the foundation. When water seeps into a home’s foundation, it often leads to cracks, mold, and weakened structural support that may lead to collapsing.

Pests – There are so many waterborne pests, such as mosquitoes, that thrive in a drowned landscape. However, moisture is also known to attract termites, which are devastating to homes in the area. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and often carry disease. Termites can destroy an entire home in time. Both must be dealt with via proper drainage solutions.

Mold – As we all know, an excess of water and moisture in the area can lead to mold growth. Following flood or water damage, mold will begin to accumulate within your home and spread into unaffected areas. The basement is often a common space to discover mold. Furthermore, certain types of mold spores are known to be hazardous to your health.

Dying Plants – As we previously mentioned, too much water is dangerous for plants and flowers. With a drainage system, your plants will never be underwater due to rainfall or overwatering. The system is designed to whisk away the extra. Therefore, your beloved lawn and flowers will receive the proper amount of water to thrive and grow. Proper lawn care is
important, it is a good idea follow good lawn care advice to keep it in top condition.


A little-known benefit of having a professionally installed drainage system is in avoiding liability and legal troubles. If your landscape is sopping wet, someone could slip and fall. Your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover the medical costs. However, if the water from your landscape seeps onto the sidewalk or into the nearby roadway, someone could also slip there, or an accident could occur due to hydroplaning. The results are often messy – both physically and legally. You would be liable in some areas. Again, your homeowner’s insurance may kick in to cover some of the costs. The injured party may still choose to sue, though, which can be quite expensive to cover.

Avoid dying plants, mosquitoes, and legal troubles by scheduling professional installation of a new drainage system!

These tips given by Expert Sprinkler Repair Technician from Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting in Austin of Austin.

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