Ways to Keep Your House Cool Naturally This Summer

On hot summer days, you want to escape the heat and sit inside. The most effective way to keep the interior cool is to install an air conditioner. But, for those who can not afford an air conditioner all the time, there are also other ways to keep your home cool.

Maintenance of Air Conditioning

If you can afford a branded air conditioner, you should also make an effort to maintain it from time to time. Clean filters regularly to increase efficiency and cool the room faster. The air conditioners in good condition work 10% more than those that require less maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary that your air conditioners receive service every six months to obtain better results.

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The use of white or light curtains and blinds helps keep your room cooler than the darker curtains. Bamboo blinds are the most effective way to bring a fresher effect to your home. You can use reflective window films to protect your home from the heat of the sun’s rays.

The Shadow

Providing shade on window panes and other areas where direct sunlight can enter the house is an effective way to keep the house cool. If you live in a villa, you can plant trees and plants around the house to avoid direct sunlight in your home. If you live in an apartment, you can keep the plants in pots on the balcony or outside the entertainment areas, with sunlight to bring shade.


Isolation is a necessity. Check the insulation of walls and ceilings. Also, check for gaps in the windows and doors. Keeping windows and doors closed during the day will prevent heat from entering the house. But it will be effective if there is no room to let the heat in. If you find them, you must take immediate action to remedy these deficiencies.


Proper ventilation is essential for every home. It is necessary to keep the doors and windows closed during the day, just as it is important to have adequate ventilation in the morning and at night. Adequate ventilation inside the house brings fresh and fresh air to the interior.

Cool Lighting

The incandescent lamps are heated to illuminate the room. Therefore, it also brings a lot of heat in the room. Replacing these lamps with CFL or LED lamps is a better option because they consume less heat but are also very efficient. Turn off lights when there is no need to reduce the amount of heat they emit.

Turn off The Electronics

Televisions, computers, chargers and other electronic devices generate heat when the plug is turned on. So turn off the switches and unplug these electronic components when they are not being used.


Cooking generates a lot of heat. Try to cook during the coldest hours of the day, for example, early in the morning or at night. During cooking, use air extractors to remove excessive heat from your home. Machines such as washing machines, dishwashers and steam irons also generate a lot of heat. Again, try to perform all these tasks even during the coldest hours and unplug the machines when they are not in use.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Home Cool

The desire to look for ecological ways to keep your home cool and fresh during the summer is always present. It is not like this? The idea of ​​turning green is absolutely appropriate for the conditions of the home and also in hot and humid climates.

But how can you get to this comfort? All right! There are many advanced levels of green shapes that come in the form of energy efficiency systems, residential energy systems and many other machines. But do not think that choosing these types of advanced systems can be very heavy for your pocket and, therefore, you can incur unique expenses.

This does not mean that it can not become respectful with the environment, it can focus on economic solutions and play an important role in the environment and for its inhabitants. The repair of CA Davie reveals these few excellent, economical and viable points for the environment.

LED bulbs

Now, can you imagine that simply changing the bulb can be very beneficial for you by saving a lot of money on your monthly energy bills? Every summer months, he spends a lot of money to pay utility bills and still regrets it.

Why did not you look for a solution to save money while maintaining your comfort level? To do this, the solution is to assemble LED bulbs in such a way that they reduce energy consumption and make the most of daily activities.

Keep The Routine of Closing and Opening Windows

It is a simple but effective way to keep your home clean naturally. It does not matter if your house has large or small windows, it is the best way to let in the air. Get in the habit of closing all the windows before it gets too hot outside and waits for the sun to set.

At sunset, open all the windows. Closing the windows early in the morning would prevent hot air from entering your home. And at night, the cool breeze would flood your interior with fresh and comfortable air.

Keep The Lights Off When You Are Not Using Them.

Most of us keep our house lights on even when we are not using them. Keeping the lights on aimlessly would not only increase your electricity bill, but also increase the interior temperature. Therefore, be smart and turn it off when you do not need it and keep your home’s energy and temperature bills low.

Avoid Paper

The receipt of emails and other paper invoices initiates the collection of a large amount of waste throughout the year, as well as newspapers and magazines. These unnecessary bills generate unnecessary waste and disorder in the home if not handled properly.

The best solution to overcome this situation is to avoid paper and stick to things like buying electronic tickets, electronic newspapers. Choosing these tips will surely make your home messy and lean.

Choose Organic Products

Focusing organic products on inorganic products is a good starting point for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and respecting the environment. Organic products contain natural ingredients and healthy nutrients that are much better and more viable to maintain the freshness of your home during the hot season. In addition, the use of inorganic products for the body and skin should be avoided.

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