Why Portable Air Conditioners Are Perfect When Visiting Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular holiday destination. Many visitors come to the islands from all corners of the global. The big attraction is the beaches in this tropical environment. One point of concern by many holiday makers is the hot temperatures and humidity.

If you are a person who does not do heat very well, then having an air conditioner (A/C) would be part of your solution to a great holiday. Portable A/Cs are a favorite way to go when visiting Hawaii. There are a host of reasons why this is the so.

A/C and the cost of electricity

Hawaii has an extremely high electricity tariff rate. As a result, many homes and even some holiday destinations are not equipped with A/Cs. These pieces of equipment are known to be high-end electricity consumers.
Portable A/Cs are the obvious way to go.

They are known to use much less electricity than their fixed wall unit counterparts. From this vantage point alone, a portable A/C would be much more popular with a landlord than a permanent unit.

Saving money on installation

Most people have to work on tight financial budgets and need to save money at all costs. If you are in Hawaii and find that you need an A/C, then there are two choices. A fixed wall unit or a portable.

When you go to the fixed unit route, a particular installation company will need to come and do the installation. Of course, there will be installation costs. There is also the possibility that if there is a sudden heat wave, the installer might not be able to get to you immediately.

If you go portable, the scenario is much more cost-effective and there will be no extra installation overheads. It is merely a matter of buying the unit and bringing it to where you are. Find the power plug and switch on. Instant relief.

Need an upgrade?

As with most machines, there is the inevitable wear and tear that occurs over time. Replacing a portable A/C is much less painful than replacing a fixed A/C unit. It will be a lifesaver in two aspects. Cheaper and much quicker. Definitely, something to consider when looking for an air conditioning solution.

Protecting your investment

Air conditioners are not cheap pieces of equipment, and it is necessary to have a maintenance plan in place. Fixed wall units are exposed to all the elements of the weather. It will be essential to place the machine into some sort of protected environment.

Portable A/Cs live inside the house or apartment. These units are seldom or even never exposed to the extremes on the outside. This makes maintenance and caring for your baby a piece of cake.

Noise levels and choice of unit

All air conditioners produce various levels of noise while they treat the air around us. Portable A/Cs give us a large variety to choose from. It is best to select a unit that has a noise output of between 50 – 75 decibels. At this level, the sound will not interfere with conversations and social activities.

The other plus would be that if the portable was producing a sound which became a distraction, just moved it further away. If it were a fixed wall unit, there would be nothing that could be done about the situation.


This is naturally associated with portable A/C units. Many units have permanent wheels at their base. A great invention which makes it extremely easy to move the unit about. A huge advantage over its fixed counterpart.

When visiting a place such as Hawaii on business or on holiday, you will definitely not always stay in the same room all of the time. When you are experiencing a hot, humid Hawaiian day, it is an easy task to take the A/C with you to where ever it is needed.

The only condition is that the room you are in needs to have a power plug. Just plug in your unit and enjoy the benefits of having an A/C on tap.

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Compact Design

When on confined space, it is always handy to have utilities which are space savers and useful. In the case of A/Cs, many portable units are compact in design. The newer models are also much more appealing to the eye as well. If you are a home executive in Hawaii, you will definitely be able to find the perfect match for your rooms.

Ease of use

We know that the worst thing that could happen when you are hot and need to get that A/C going is to look for that power switch. It can be a source of great frustration. You best friend on a hot, unpleasant day can quickly become your worst enemy.

The manufacturers of portable A/C units have come to the party on this one. A considerable number of devices have control panels which are easy to see and to access. Many of them are also extremely easy to use. If you are not sure of which unit will suit you best, then the review on Live Your Aloha will send you in the right direction.

What does BTU mean to you?

This is a term which is often encountered when there is talk around air conditioners. It is associated with the process which the conditioner uses to produce the crisp, clean air.

The higher the BTU capacity of an A/C, the higher will its capacity be to cool down the air. Fortunately, there are portable air conditioners available having a range of BTU capabilities.

On the downside. The higher the BTU, the more power hungry the machine.

Closing Comments

Many people have a problem dealing with excessive heat and humidity. They might find the weather conditions on the islands of Hawaii unbearable during certain times of the year. It is essential that they take time, do the homework and find the best solution for their specific needs.

There are some factors which favor the use of portable A/Cs at this popular destination. Fortunately, there are so many brands available today, that it will be possible to find a portable A/C that will meet your requirements perfectly.

With all of this said. Portable A/Cs are perfect when visiting Hawaii.

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